IslandGal Beauty Bar is a beauty company by Alexandra Dallas that specializes in all-natural hair care products which are derived from super-rich, superfood ingredients to promote hair & scalp health for stronger, thicker and longer hair. 



From Alex:

No one in my family has my hair texture, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with and take care of my hair for the longest. I did a lot of research, implemented what I knew into my routine, and also experimented with a lot of fun styles, cuts & colors. It became a passion project of mine and everyone that knew me was very aware of this. But it wasn’t until late 2019, when too many hair experiments got me to chunks of hair damage, that I decided to immerse myself into really nurturing and growing my hair. Some techniques took me down the road of “no return”, yet I was still able to overcome that!



With over ten years of knowledge and experience under my belt, I knew immediately that the most important step to take for growth and retention was to remove all harsh chemicals and implement products with all-natural ingredients dedicated to nourishing my strands. Regardless of hair type, real hair reacts best to real ingredients. And so, instead of focusing on curly or straight hair, or whichever type, I’ve put together what is biologically good for just the human. As a Jamaican woman who comes from a bloodline of women who are experts at using natural remedies, I’m the type of person that goes for the natural herb or oil before a pill or chemical. Today, my hair is flourishing because of the time and effort I’ve put into researching to be able to develop rich, quality products.