Our 10oz wooden wick candles are the perfect unique item to have or share. The exclusive vessels are hand made so each varies slightly and the luxurious hand poured coco creme + apricot wax allows for a slow, smooth burn while the crackling wick gives off a low, soothing sound.


Each candle comes with it's own personal glass container with 20 matchsticks and a striker.

Posh Plum

  • The dark plum heart of this fragrance is enhanced by the touch of black cherry and bright citrus which results in a cozy, warm vibe. The amber, vanilla base notes reinforces the sweetness while the musk tones in down brining it back to earth. Wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on a cool night - that's what this smells like.


    Top: Citrus

    Middle: Black Cherry, Plum

    Base: Vanilla, Freesia, Amber, Light Musk, Sugar